First Conference on
Superconductivity and Functional Oxides

Como (Italy), 19-22 June 2012

Scope of the conference

The aim of the conference SuperFOx-2012 is to address recent developments in the area of superconductors and functional oxides, focussing on:

  • Films, interfaces and low-dimensional systems;
  • Nanostructured materials and devices;
  • Magnetic oxides;
  • Dielectrics, ferroelectrics and multiferroics;
  • Superconductive materials and applications;
  • Strongly correlated systems.

SuperFOx will provide a common forum for scientists from the fields of superconductivity and functional oxides, with prime focus on new ideas, concepts and applications. Invited talks on the hot topics of superconductivity and oxide electronics will be given by:

  • Bernd Büchner (IFW, Dresden)
  • Josep Fontcuberta (ICMAB, Barcelona)
  • Jochen Mannhart (Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart)
  • Manfred Sigrist (ETH Zürich)

The official language of the conference is English.

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